15 Dec 2013


I have moved again!
We have moved to the coast, to a lovely cottage by the sea, just a short walk to Port Mulgrave, Staithes, and a twenty mins drive to Whitby...
So much inspiration all around, Sea, moors and woodland, something that I am loving is the beechcombing for the Whitby Jet and fossils, jet is so beautiful and  also very magical,  used for protection and makes a good talisman, this whole area is called the Jurassic coast because of the very large amount of fossils all around..
everywhere I walk around Port Mulgrave there is the presence of ancient times...

I was very thankful that just before moving I had managed to finish my rune set I had been working on, made from Rowan...


  1. What a beautiful place! Wish you many years of joy and blessing there!

  2. Hi, I only live 20 minutes from you and used to live at Runswick Bay, Hope you enjoy living in this area, you never know we may bump into each other at sometime which would be nice. Blessings to you ,Jill xx

    1. Hi Jill, thank you love, wow thats cool! will be great to bump into you,
      Blessings to you too :-) xxx

  3. Wish you joy and happiness in your new home. It looksfantastic.

  4. The first photo mesmerized me for a while. Such a fragile creature in life, this beautiful little ammonite - swimming in the seas so long ago. And now it has swum through time to be washed up on your own 'shore'! What a beautiful place to be.

  5. I miss you ... Love, cat.