24 Apr 2012


Just a few days until Beltaine, the veil is thin, how I love this time of year. I dont think there will be any garlands of May blossom this year though, the Hawthorn is only just leafing up, it's still cold and wet a lot of the time here in Weardale. But who knows, the Hawthorn has surprised us before and blossomed right in time for the May with her wonderful sensual scent.
I have always loved the Hawthorn. I remember when I was out walking the fields and lanes when I was a child with my father. He would pick a leaf from the Hawthorn for me to nibble , he told me it was known as the bread and cheese tree and would keep people going on a long walk, and my mother would tell of washing in the May dew.
There are a lot of Hawthorn trees where I live and lots of them grow next to one of the sacred healing wells in the village. Above the well on a hillside is a field leading up to a grove of ancient trees, this field is very active with spirit, the first time I walked past this field after moving here I saw the spirit of a woman running down the field.

The Ancient Trees On The Hillside

One of the healing wells in the village, the christians have enclosed it and put their Saints there, it must surely have been a very powerful spot before christianity for them to do that..

Dancing In the May, on Giants Hill at Cerne Abbas  in Dorset, taken about three years ago..

My painting 'Beltaine'