10 Jan 2013


It's been a while since my last post: lots happening and also I've been struggling with the autoimmune health problem I have. Then, just this last couple of days, I found out I have breast cancer.
Its a shock of course, but yet I knew something serious was developing.
I have always been an inlander, even when I once lived beside the Sea I  loved to go beachcombing and so on - but always felt more comfortable when I could get inland
Then just recently, before I knew I was ill, I found myself yearning, hearing the call of the sea, wishing I could be further North to hear again the Seals singing on the Holy Isle of Lindisfarne.
I've been feeling that I needed to submerge myself in the sea water and remembering the times I have picked up precious offerings of nature to be used in magic from the beach and sea,
So a day in Whitby, one of my favourite places, was decided on for a visit, a wonderful day indeed ...