31 Jul 2012


So here I am living on the moor again, in a little house in Haworth and the scent in the air could only be Haworth Moor. I have lived in a few different places now and only this land has this scent.
There are lots of bilberries on the moor at the moment, wild, and delicious! and it's a good time to be climbing a hill to pick them with Lammas/ Lughnasadh upon us...
Bilberry bushes on Penistone Hill
I look out my door and see the sky, no matter where you are in Haworth, you are on a hill, it is like living in the sky, wonderful!
Walking on the moor everyday is always very inspiring, surrounded by Heather and Rowan trees, it's really good to have so much Rowan around, good for the magic and  the charm making.
There is much folklore and tradition of Witchcraft on the moors of England: this is a poem by John Keats on a postcard from the Witchcraft Museum....

Where I live has many associations with Witchcraft. Haworth is famous as being the home of the Bronte sisters and Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte is very pagan and full of faerie and Witchcraft folklore. And I am fortunate that Pendle Hill and the area around it known as Pendle Witch country is just over the moor from where I live. It's one of my favourite areas and loving the area so much I decided that would be the place to go last week for my Birthday, and of course climb the wonderful Pendle Hill.
On Pendle Hill
One of my original paintings of Haworth Moor

The first harvest is here, Happy Lammas/ Lughnasadh!


  1. Wow... stunning photos! The first one is just enchanting... I would love to see this place in person. The photo of you walking up the hill looks quite epic, like it belongs in a lord of the rings movie or something. And the painting of Haworth Moor is beautiful. I love the washes of grey, they really help set a haunting mood.

    - Sasha

  2. Thank you Sasha, it is a wonderful, dramatic landscape around here, I have lived in lots of different places over the years, but this place always draws me back , this is my third time living in Haworth :-)

  3. "this is my third time living in Haworth" and how many times in past lives Karen ?

    and oh warm regards to Ledger too!

  4. Hmmm it is making me think about that now you have mentioned it Mel, my living in Haworth has actually always been problematic in some ways, which is why I have lived here so many times I guess, I am drawn to the place, always felt it was 'home' but yet there has always been problems and trouble here , so I leave, then here I am again, I feel now something has to be resolved here to either make it so I can stay, or leave in peace..... and not be drawn back